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Bundesvereinigung gegen Fluglärm e.V. (BVF)

German National Organization Against Aircraft Noise

Aircraft Noise Harms Your Health
The impact of aircraft noise is frequently under-estimated, as the negative impact - health problems - shows after many years. In view of these long term effects, it becomes more and more important to inform aircraft noise affected people - more Facts & Figures - here
We Work for A Better Quality of Life
BVF offers abroad scope of information for noise affected people on aircraft noise. Individuals, non-government organizations, Government, community and county administrations benefit from our expertise on aircraft noise, political activities to reduce / control aircraft noise immissions.

We represent our members in public hearings on airport expansions, government administrations, noise control commissions, hearings on environmental legislation, and support them in their political activities to reduce the negative impact of aircraft noise - more information - here

Extensive Information on Aircraft Noise, and Its Impact
We own an extensive pool of information, and have access to numerous experts in aircraft noise measurement, noise simulations, airoprt expansion projects. This information is available to international organizations. Some information is available on our website. If you do not find the needed information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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